Parallax Background

Parallax Backgrounds allow users to apply a background texture to the LeiaCamera, with a fixed amount of Disparity.
This helps avoid issues where it might be impossible to get foreground and background objects to both have the amount of Disparity that you want.


You can control the tiling and offset of this background texture using the _BackgroundAlbedoTilingAndOffset parameter.

Mode 0

In the simplest case, Parallax Background Mode 0, you can tune the LeiaCamera Baseline in the scene
while controlling the Baseline of the Parallax Background separately.

Mode 2

In mode 2, your Parallax Background's _BackgroundAlbedoTilingAndOffset is always used to calculate an ideal Baseline which seamlessly repeats between your device's views. Thus, you cannot supply your own Baseline for Parallax Background Mode 2.