Issue: Leia / Unity PPSv2 Camera Projection Reset

If you are seeing this page, we have detected a breaking issue in your project that may occur when Unity Post Processing Stack version 2 and Leia Unity SDK are both active.

Steps To Resolve Issue

Ensure PPSv2 Is Updated To 3.0.2 Or Above (requires Unity 2018 LTS+)

Package Manager can be used to install and update PPSv2 to 3.0.2+

Disable Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)

Although TAA may be preferred when available, it does conflict with Lightfield's projection matrices. To get the best quality for your project, we recommend exploring a mixture of LeiaDisplay Anti Aliasing with the following PPSv2 Anti-aliasing methods:
  • Subpixel Morphological Anti-aliasing (SMAA)
  • Fast Approximate Anti-aliasing (FXAA)

What Is The Cause?

Unity's implementation of TAA in PPSv2 resets the projection matrix on all cameras during OnPostRender. This is a non-issue for most Unity development projects since cameras are mostly manipulated through transform.
‌Since our Leia Cameras each have a calculated projection matrix, resetting it in OnPostRender breaks our visuals.D

Upgrading From Legacy Solution

Prior to PPSv2 3.0.2, in order to get PPSv2 to work with Leia Unity SDK, we asked developers to:
  • Add custom code to PostProcessLayer.cs
  • Embed the Post Processing Package folder, named com.unity.postprocessing, moving it from
    • <Project>\Library\PackageCache\ to
    • <Project>\Packages\
If you have a project that followed these steps, we recommend you
  • Delete <Project>\Packages\com.unity.postprocessing
  • Install and upgrade Post Processing through Unity Package Manager, ensuring version 3.0.2+