Additional Assets in the Unreal Plugin

SDK Contents

LeiaCamera Content > Blueprints

This directory contains these two Blueprints

Leia Camera Pawn is an Actor implementation of a LeiaCamera. LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP is a component implementation shown through implementing a Blueprint Actor.

These are the assets that the user can interact directly with in their application.

LeiaCamera Content > Materials

The Unreal materials that the LeiaCamera uses to render, are within Materials > PostProcess.

The LeiaInterlacing, LeiaViewSharpening, LeiaNegativeDOF, LeiaPositiveDOF, LeiaViewSharpening, LeiaZDPRotate materials will need to be assigned to the RenderingInfo struct of LeiaCameraComponent or LeiaCameraPawn when creating custom Blueprints. There are 2 Material Parameter Collections within Materials > MaterialParamCollections

These Material Parameter Collections take care of setting the values across multiple materials being used. Do not make any changes to these.

LeiaCamera Content > SampleLevels

This directory holds various Example levels.
  • First Person

  • Overhead

  • Side Scroller

  • Third Person

These levels demonstrate how the LeiaCamera works with various game perspectives. Be sure to add the levels to your build settings before building.

LeiaCamera Content > SampleLevels > TestSampleScenes

The TestSampleScenes are designed to test features.

The GenericTest_ActorExample and GenericTestComponentExample levels demonstrate how to work with either a LeiaCameraPawn or LeicaCameraComponent without the ZDP features. ZDP_Test & ZDP_Test_Component demonstrate basic set up to test and get started with ZDP features. The ViewSharpeningTest level is useful for debugging ViewSharpening-related issues. The UI Blueprints folder includes UI widgets that are common to the Example levels.


Set the Game Default Map to one of the examples provided.

LeiaCamera Content > Textures

These assets are used for tuning content. The user should not modify these images.