Adding the Unreal Plugin to a Project

This page describes the minimum steps necessary to set up a LeiaCamera in an existing Unreal project.

Project setup steps

  1. Go to your Unreal project folder and create a new folder called 'Plugins' if not already present.

  2. Paste the LeiaLoft Unreal SDK's LeiaCamera folder inside it.

  3. Restart the the editor (if already open). If you open Edit > Plugins, the LeiaCamera plugin should show up as installed.

  4. Ensure that your Unreal content browser is able to find Plugin content

  5. Confirm that your Unreal project's content browser shows the LeiaCamera assets.

After these steps, you will have access to the LeiaCamera assets inside of your Unreal project.

LeiaCamera setup steps

We must set up a LeiaCamera in your Unreal level in order to render content correctly for a LitByLeia™ device.

  • Drag the LeiaCameraPawn into the level

  • Assign a Target Camera. The object that is assigned as the Target Camera must have a CameraComponent

When you enter play mode, your Target Camera's viewport should be showing views from multiple sub-cameras at once, as well as a yellow frustum indicator.

The ZDP feature requires specifying which 'Object Channel' needs to be considered when performing some raycast functionality of the LeiaCamera.

Custom Object Channel Collision called 'LeiaAcceptRaycast' was added

This Object Channel can be named anything and can be specified to the LeiaCamera through the 'Object Type to Query' parameter in the ZDP info struct on the LeiaCamera.

The Object Channel will have to be assigned to objects in the scene which should receive raycasts.