Adding the Unreal Plugin to a Project
This page describes the minimum steps necessary to set up a LeiaCamera in an existing Unreal project.

Project Requirements

Project: C++

We currently only support C++ Project, Blueprint projects will cause errors when built. This is a known issue we plan to fix in an upcoming release.

Target Platform: Mobile / Tablet

Set Target platform to Mobile / Tablet for compatibility with Lume Pad device

Project setup steps

Go to your Unreal project folder and create a new folder called 'Plugins' if not already present.
Paste the Leia Unreal SDK's LeiaCamera folder inside it.
Restart the the editor (if already open). The SDK was build with Unreal Engine 4.24.3, offering support for any editor built since. If this window appears, click 'Yes'
If you open Edit > Plugins, the LeiaCamera plugin should show up as installed.
Ensure that your Unreal content browser is able to find Plugin content
Confirm that your Unreal project's content browser shows the LeiaCamera assets.
After these steps, you will have access to the LeiaCamera assets inside of your Unreal project.

LeiaCamera Setup

We must set up a LeiaCamera in your Unreal level in order to render content correctly for a LitByLeia™ device.
Drag the LeiaCameraPawn into the level
Assign a Target Camera. The object that is assigned as the Target Camera must have a CameraComponent
When you enter play mode, your Target Camera's viewport should be showing views from multiple sub-cameras at once, creating a fuzzy appearance.
Image from LeiaCamera/SampleLevels/CameraSetup/CamerSetupPerspective

Next Steps

Leia Unreal SDK requires specific settings in the Unreal Engine. Please follow the guidelines here:
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