More information on the LeiaCamera

A more in-depth description of the LeiaLoft™ Unreal SDK's LeiaCamera

The LeiaCamera

The LeiaCamera renders content from the views that LitByLeia™ devices need in order to show content with depth in Lightfield mode.

A LeiaCamera can be set up by a LeiaCameraPawn or a LeiaCameraComponent. In most cases the LeiaCameraPawn should be used as it is easier to work with and set up.

ZDP Effect

The ZDP effect options can be found here:

The ZDP effect itself can be toggled on/off with the 'Use Zdp Shear' option. The 'Auto ZDP' will allow custom 'ZDP Shear' values to be used while displaying the effect.

The LeiaCameraPawn

The LeiaCameraPawn sets up a basic LeiaCamera camera rig.

The LeiaCameraPawn should be a child of an Actor with a Camera component. Set the LeiaCameraPawn :: CameraGridSetup :: TargetCamera parameter to the Camera of the Actor.

The LeiaCameraComponent

The LeiaCameraComponent also sets up a LeiaCamera camera rig with multiple perspectives.

The LeiaCameraComponent can handle creation of cameras when the app is already running.

The LeiaCameraComponent does not expect a Target Camera actor, but a CameraComponent. The developer should provide a reference to a CameraComponent in the LeiaCameraComponent's Blueprint Construction section.

Comparing the LeiaCameraPawn to the LeiaCameraComponent




How to set up this asset

  • Create or start with an Actor in the scene with a CameraComponent on that Actor

  • Drag in the LeiaCameraPawn from LeiaCamera > Content > Blueprints and set its parent as the Actor-with-a-CameraComponent

  • Set the LeiaCameraPawn :: Camera Grid Setup :: Target Camera parameter to the parent Actor-with-a-CameraComponent

Connect a blueprint as shown in LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP

What this asset does

Streamlined setup of a LeiaCamera in an Unreal level

Parameterized setup of a LeiaCamera in an Unreal level

Working Example Location

LeiaCamera > Content > SampleLevels > TestSampleScene > GenericTest_ActorExample.

LeiaCamera > Content > Blueprints > LeiaCameraComponentExample_BP

Source Location

LeiaCamera > Source > LeiaCamera > Public > LeiaCameraPawn.h

LeiaCamera > Source > LeiaCamera > Public > LeiaCameraComponent.h