Unreal SDK Guide


The Leia Unreal SDK is delivered to the user in the form of an Unreal Plugin which can be imported into Unreal projects with ease. The Unreal SDK provides
  • A LeiaCameraPawn and LeiaCameraComponent for converting an Unreal Camera to a LeiaCamera
  • A build script which automatically includes some necessary libraries in your builds
  • A LeiaDevice abstraction which automatically sends commands to a LitByLeia™ device for you
  • We look forward to your feedback. Issue reports can be made at the LeiaTools board

Which dev machines does the Unreal SDK run on?

  • Development can be done from within Unreal Engine on a Windows or Linux machine.
  • The Leia Unreal SDK has been tested with Unreal Engine 4.25 - 4.27

Which LitByLeia™ devices does the Unreal SDK support?

  • Lume Pad
  • Devs should expect their products to be distributed using the Leia Store
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